Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A beautiful gift...........and the roller coaster ride continues.

I was hoping to be able to post some good news today after my visit to my Oncologist yesterday..........sadly it is not to be. My PET scan has revealed that the cancer has spread into the lymph glands, it means that they are not confident of getting rid of it all with chemo. The hope is that they will reduce the size of them and prevent them from spreading into other parts of the body. This news seems to have hit me harder than the original diagnosis did, I think it's finally sinking in how serious my condition is.............it really felt like a kick in the guts hearing that news yesterday! The weird thing is that I don't feel like I'm ill right now!

I start chemo in around 2 weeks from now, I'm just waiting on notification from the hospital........my life seems to revolve around doctors' appointments and diagnostic procedures lately!

Thanks again for continuing to post positive, supportive comments.....I really appreciate it! I refuse to let this disease get the better of me and am trying my best to remain confident of a good outcome.

Anyways, that's enough of me, please have a look at the beautiful gift my lovely blogging friend, Sonya - Pickles Patch, from NZ sent me! It's a beautiful journal with lots of stamping and pockets and spaces to put photos and journalling etc. I've photographed the cover and just a few of the pages, so please scroll down and have a look at them all. Thanks so much Sonya for such an awesome gift!


Vicky said...

Just a small hiccup on your road to a full recovery, my friend! Just know that we are all thinking of you, & wishing you nothing but success in your fight with this illness. Let the chemo do its thing, & allow those around you to pamper & look after you. My hugs & good thoughts & wishes to you my friend.

Sonya said...

Pleased you like the journal Lyn, I hope you can fill it with many happy thoughts! So so sorry your results were not better. Sending hope and hugs to you.xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Lyn, you are so encouraging to me hun!! I know you will be fighting this all the way and we are here to cheer you on all the way hun!! I wish you all the hugs in the world!! Just take your time and do what the Dr. tells you..you'll be fine!! :)

LOVE your journal hun!! So elegant and classy looking!! TFS!! HUGS

Sandie said...

Hello my friend.

This latest news is a bit of a blow.
I know other people that I know with cancer have said the "postive" thoughts truly get them through.

It sounds to be that you are disappointed but ready to fight the fight.

Sending you a big squeeze and a kiss.

Take care.

Luv Sandie

Belinda said...

Sorry to hear about your latest news! You're continually in my thoughts! And what a great journal!

Davi said...

What a blessing the journal must be during this time. It very nice and I think that journaling your thoughts a feeling is very theraputic!! Know that you are in my thoughts. Take care and get plenty of rest!!

Carolyn said...

Lyn, sorry the news wasn't what you expected to hear. However, you have so many friends who support you and will hold you up when you feel down. I send more good wishes across the waters with encouragement to stay positive. Miracles happen every day and you deserve one of them.

Carolyn S