Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It's all good!

Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your well wishes about my CT scan......they worked! I got the results yesterday and there is nothing showing on this one, my Oncologist thinks that it must just have been a kink in my bowel that showed up on the last scan. He's also giving me 2 months off chemo...........YES!!! So, I'll be having Christmas and New Year off it, then another scan to work out where we go from there.

Sorry, but I don't have anything new to show, but I do have some photos of my grand-daughter, Annika that my brother took while he was staying with me. I've also bought myself a new toy that's keeping me busy. I got a Sony Touch Ereader, so I've been busily downloading some free books to read on it. I love that I can store a heap of books on it and it's only about the size of a thin paperback novel.....and very lightweight! The best part is I can just pop it into my handbag and carry it around with me......great to have when you seem to be waiting forever for a doctor's appointment.......and if I happen to forget my glasses, I can just make the font size bigger!

I've got a bug on my arm, and it tickles!!

Whew! This is hard work!

Hey, what you looking at, can't you see I'm busy!

Aaah! This drinks good!

Hope you enjoyed the photos, I'll try and get back into my craft room soon and get into making some Christmas cards so I can get them finished on time! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

That is TERRIFIC news Lyn, I am so happy for you! I was thinking of you just this morning and wondering how you were. Thanks for updating us!
Your grand daughter is just adorable!

Belinda said...

Oh fabulous news! :) And your grand daughter is adorable!

Vicky said...

Fantastic news, Lyn, I'm so very happy for you...& two months off chemo to boot, that's a lovely Christmas present :) Great photos, too, Annika is just beautiful, you must be a very proud grandma :) Enjoy the break(from chemo) hugs from V

Kathi said...

That's fabulous news. I was getting concerned when you hadn't posted in a bit.

Your grand daughter is absolutely adorable. Great photos too.

Beth said...

OMG Lyn what a cutie patootie your granddaughter is and I just love all the different expressions on her face.

Next GF what great news about your Dr. appointment so happy for you and what a Christmas present you received.

Big Hugs

Mary R. said...

Lynn,,,she is a doll and i know you grin from ear to ear when you aroundthis beautihful baby girl , and I love your snow flake it al-some....how you make it I dont have a stamp that big....