Monday, 7 November 2011

RSS Feed Readers?

I'm guessing that most people who read blogs have them organised in some kind of a RSS feed reader, the most common one being Google Reader.

If you use Google Reader, what do you think of their new interface? Supposedly the makeover is to make it more user-friendly! I don't know who they tested the new interface on but they couldn't have got it more wrong - and from what I've read on the Google discussion groups, there are hundreds, probably thousands, of users who agree with me! All that white space is just too hard on the eyes, and as for those narrow disappearing scroll bars.....pfft!

I decided it was time to search for a new RSS reader and have discovered one called FeedDemon. I downloaded the free version, but there is another paid version which is ad-free and has other features. I don't really need the other features and the ads aren't annoying, so I'll stick with the free version for now. After using it for a few days I quite like it. It was easy to import all my feeds from Google Reader and I like the way you can set it to show various views of your feeds - I have mine set to show unread items, but you can set it to several other views as well. It's fast to use and I can also make comments on blogs without having to open a separate window. I can also switch between FeedDemon and Google Reader and both readers update the feeds that I've already read. I guess the downside is that it's only available for Windows computers and it uses Internet Explorer as it's browser. I'm using FeedDemon on my desktop computer, but I can't download it to use on my HP Touchpad because of the different operating system it uses.

If anyone uses a different RSS reader and likes it, I'd love to hear about it too!


Carole Meisenhelter said...

Hi Lyn,

I do use Google feed-reader but after checking out the newer version; which appears to be set in concrete at this stage, I prefer to continue using the old interface.

I like the old interface; know how it works. Am willing to change but don't prefer the new style offered.

I did submit a query form to help their statistics if they're interested. Maybe many do actually like the new interface?

Shirley said...

Hi Lynn, I was so surprised when you talked about all of the white space. I don't have a lot of white space at all. Mine is more compact and without all of the other stuff I didn't use. I am beginning to think different parts of the world view Google reader differently. Thanks for sharing. :D