Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Adventure of a Lifetime.

This is an ATC made for the Make It Monday challenge on the Go Make Something blog. This is actually last Monday's theme, which was Italy.

The man in the photo is actually my Grandfather who migrated from Italy to Australia in 1923. He made the journey alone when he was only 18yrs old! The papers behind the photo are photocopies of his original passport. I was researching my family history when I came upon some information on the Australian National Archives site - they sent me a lot of photocopied papers relating to him becoming a naturalized Australian, but the bonus was the photo and the passport papers! Even my mother had not seen a photo of him at such a young age.............and we also discovered that he had changed his first name from Bartolomeo to Robert when he arrived in Australia. Grandpa died when I was only 9yrs old.................I wish I could've got to know him better, there are so many things I would've liked to know about his life.

Incidentally, I'm sure Grandpa sailed here on a much more modern steam ship rather than the very old sailing ship stamp I've used!


Carole M. said...

great pickups to have all that info' on your grandfather Lyn. I subscribe to that site newsletters also but haven't sought information yet.

Sandie said...

Wow Lyn, what a story........this is fantastic. Great work.

Luv Sandie

Shirley said...

Lyn, What a lovely story of your heritage. Don't ask me why, but I thought Austrailians were all from England. LOL Isn't it funny how our mind sets depending on where we are from. What a wonderful delight it was to read about your grandfather. TFS

Artyfax said...

Great to find wsuch links to one's past, and you have made a great atc from it