Thursday, 21 August 2008

Cataloguing my supplies.

Just thought I'd share how I catalogue some of my craft supplies. I bought these little mini photo albums at a throwaway price of 20c if I remember rightly, they are just the perfect size to take with me when I'm shopping for new supplies - that way I won't double up on punches, inks, re-inkers etc. They have plastic pockets to hold a 6"x4" photo. I cut plain white cardstock, sized to fit inside the pockets, and each time I buy a new punch I punch the shape out and stick it onto the card and write the brand and name and code underneath. I also have a page cataloguing which sets of Twinkling H2O's I have.

The 2nd album is just for inks, I have a page for each brand of ink I have, and if I have a re-inker for it, it will have a tick beside it. I always use the same stamp for my ink samples, it has quite a bold design so the ink shows up well.

I have this Visual Art Diary to keep in my Craft Room, in it I have samples of my Marker Pens, Watercolour Pencils, Prismacolour Pencils, Watercolours and Chalks. You can't tell the accuracy of the colour until you give it a little scribble on paper or paint it on something, so this just saves time really.
The Hero Arts watercolours don't come named so I've just placed them in a circle in the same order as they are in their containers.

I'd love to hear how others catalogue their supplies, so please leave a comments or a link to a blog article if you have any ideas to share.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
ps. Sorry about the bad photography, but it's such an awful grey, dreary day here...not very good for taking photos I'm afraid.

My apologies if this article is not laid out very well.........I struggle with Blogger trying to put multiple photos and text where I want it to go..........the posted article always ends up looking different to the compose and the preview page!


sandyh said...

very nice, lyn! i like the tiny albums! i have my punches all punched onto papers inside of page savers and clipped to the door where i have a "shoe saver" hooked onto. then it tells me which pocket the punch is in. but my pens, pencils, etc are just in drawers with no cataloging except the label on the drawer.

Shirley said...

What an organized person you are lady! I put mine on 8.5X11 Cardstock by companies, but yours is just so great for taking with you. I take mine in a plstic pocket. TFS Lyn!

Carole M. said...

very impressive Lyn; very well organized you are in good style too.

Sandie said...

Now I have seen these in the flesh and let me tell you they are fantastic. Too organized for me Lyn..........LOL.

They are fabulous. Thanks for sharing - its very inspirational.
Luv Sandie

Vicky said...

& I thought I was the only pedantic crafter I knew of LOL, Now, if I could just organize my stamps...

Cherie said...

Wow! How wonderfully organized you are. Alas not me! However, i have spreadsheets with my SU Stamps in alpha order. My copics and SU markers are in the containers they came in. Still looking for a better way. My SU cardstock is organized by color group and size. Unfortunately everything else is NOT organized. I dream of having someone come in and organize the rest of it! :)

Norma said...

Love your organization ideas, since we travel a great deal, it's very hard for me to take my large binder with me.  In the binder, actually I have two, one for stamps and one for punches, ink pads, ribbon, tools, color pencils, markers, watercolor crayons, etc.  So your idea would be very helpful.  I'm going to look for cheap photo holders to at least keep track of my pencils, markers, watercolor pencils and such and my punches.  On a side note, I have a small hardback journal type notebook that I use to keep track of all my Stampin' Up ink pads, markers, reinkers, cardstock, ribbon, along with my wish list, which comes in very handy at our monthly SU workshops in keeping track of what I have and what I want.